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Haibin Culture Park

Bay and green space, city and nature, culture and vitality, leisure and commerce are organically integrated to create a unique compound metropolitan park. The project won the honor award of design category issued by AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS (ASLA) in 2017, the highest-level landscape architecture award in the United States.

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Celebration Square

New show field for urban cultural activities

The square, the core of park, has romantic and beautiful water show and light show as night falls. Regular music festivals, drama festivals and other activities, in conjunction with the elegant artistic programs at the Bay Opera, bring a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere to the citizens.

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Art Park

Tireless Urban Aesthetics

The park is located on the east side of the project, and the changeable terrain and artistic sculptures dotted in the park ensure that one step makes a difference. Without aesthetic and physical fatigue, visitors always go on with the expectation of another landscape.

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Sports Park

Activate the inspiration and dynamic of city

Located on the west side of the project, the park provides a variety of spaces and venues for families and young people to experience the distinct splendor and vitality in 365 days.

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