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Commercial Block

It is planned to build the first sea-friendly experiential commercial block in OH Bay, which perfectly integrates the seascape, park, ecology and commerce to form the park block with the most coastal temperament, the cultural block with the most contemporary art characteristics and the immersive block with the most unique landscapes in Shenzhen.

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The cutting-edge fashion, design aesthetics, trend technology, children's experience, global cuisine and other commercial activities are gathered along the East Waterfront Retail Park to build a coastal life aesthetics museum.

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West Waterfront Retail Park focuses on trend sports, cross-border experience and leisure food, supplemented by the extreme sports park, children’s park, city beach and other supporting facilities, to create a coastal trend vane. The commercial block, in conjunction with the park block with coastal temperament and the cultural block with contemporary art characteristics, will create a new business card for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

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