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The Ocean Mansion

The Ocean Mansion – OH Bay Office, close to Hailan Road, and seamlessly connected with Linhai Station of Metro Line 5, has subverted the current situation of high-density centralized office of traditional office buildings in the central area of Shenzhen. In the 270,000m2 of Haibin Culture Park, 7 office buildings, 4 multifunctional seascape president offices and 3 ecological enterprise single buildings are constructed.

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Each building covers an area of about 11,000m2, super luxurious and wide, with a low floor area ratio of 3.3 and a high utility rate up to 75%. The space is more creative and open. The independent gateway can be named by the enterprise exclusively, and the Ocean Mansion is the only international enterprise headquarters with low density and emphasis on ecology, sharing, comfort and communication in the costly Qianhai world financial center.

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In the Ocean Mansion, you can enjoy the vast bay, splendid Ferris wheel, bustling city, lush park, central green space and other full-dimensional landscapes, and the unique stepped vertical greening of the building broadens the vision through the retreating platform layer by layer. The hanging garden and building facade are unique and rich in green plants, creating a 360-degree ecological office experience. With a number of pioneering designs, it has reached the LEED-ND gold pre-certification standard of global green buildings. The Ocean Mansion is the most happy office place in the city and can not be matched by any traditional business buildings.

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