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Visitor Information for Bao’an Haibin Culture Park

For the purpose of creating a beautiful, comfortable, safe and orderly park environment for citizens and tourists,

the following visitor information is provided according to the Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the Administration of City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation, Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Urban Gardens, Measures of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for the Administration of Landscaping and other relevant laws and regulations:

I. Opening hours

Working days: 10:00 - 21: 00; Weekends and holidays: 10:00 - 22:00

II. Please consciously abide by the order of park, enter and leave the park according to the opening hours, and do not stay and sleep in the park at non-opening hours.

III. Please consciously visit the park in a civilized way. After entering the park, visitors shall consciously abide by the civic convention and civic ethics, and do not visit the park topless; do not use indecent language and actions, or do any dangerous and illegal acts; do not bring pets into the park; do not lie on the chair; do not lay floor mats, or set up tents and hammock; drunks, scavengers, beggars and disorderly sellers are not allowed to enter the park.

IV. Please consciously maintain the public order. Except for hand-cranked wheelchairs and strollers for the elderly, the disabled and children, other vehicles (including bicycles) are not allowed to enter the park without the permission of park management; square dance is not allowed in the park.

V. Please pay attention to the safety of yourself and general public. Do not bring dangerous goods into the park; do not carry out dangerous activities such as wading, climbing, making a fire, parachuting, remotely controlling aircraft or other activities endangering public safety; do not set off the Kongming lanterns and fireworks; do not smoke in the park; do not swim in the sea or cast nets or fish; do not roller skate and fly kites in the park; skateboarding is limited to skateboarding park and shall follow the relevant regulations of skateboarding park; when waiting for amusement facilities, watching performances and other projects, tourists shall observe the order and queue up consciously to avoid pushing or crowding other tourists; take good care of children, elders or people disabled in action; be sure to keep the personal belongings to prevent loss; and do not visit the park during the typhoon, thunderstorm and closed hours.

VI. Please take good care of public facilities. Do not artificially damage the park facilities or post, scribble or depict on park facilities and trees; do not bathe, wash and dry clothes in water bodies or public toilets in the park.

VII. Please take good care of the flowers and trees in the park. Do not climb trees, pick flowers and fruits, dig plants, walk through hedges, trample on grass, play football and tug-of-war on grass.

VIII. Please take good care of the environmental sanitation. Do not spit, urinate, or litter the peels, cigarette butts, paper scraps, chewing gum and other sundries; do not turn over and pick up garbage in the trash can; please consciously discard garbage according to the classification sign.

IX. Please consciously abide by the national laws and regulations. Do not gamble, fight, take drugs and carry out feudal superstitious activities, vulgar and unhealthy behaviors in the park; do not engage in processions or speeches inconsistent with the nature of the park and other unauthorized public meetings in the park; do not engage in other acts prohibited by national laws, regulations and rules in the park.

X. Please consciously abide by the management regulations of park, and obey the management of park staff. Without permission, do not engage in any business projects, distribute publicity materials or engage in other commercial activities in the park.

It is our responsibility to maintain the beautiful, comfortable, harmonious and orderly park environment. Visitors shall abide by the above regulations consciously. Anyone violating the regulations will be dealt with according to relevant regulations.

Hotline: 4007-622-388

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